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Reducing your energy costs and your carbon footprint.

At Peace Marsh we are experts in reducing energy costs and scoping and implementing renewable energies. We specialise in providing independent advice on how to make your properties more energy efficient by implementing the latest technologies to ensure you cut energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.


Our three phase approach ensures you implement the best value for money technologies to maximise energy savings, return on investment and achieve the fastest payback.  Our relationships are built on trust and based on our in-depth knowledge of state-of-the-art renewable technologies and energy reduction solutions.


Peace Marsh provides consultancy and expert insight to both the commercial and residential market places including:

  • Facility and estate managers

  • Hotel & leisure facilities

  • NHS Trusts, care homes and social housing

  • Retail and food distribution

  • Schools and universities

  • Country estates and farms

  • Landlords and managing agents

Carbon Footprint Reduction:


The implementation of energy savings and renewable energy are the main areas in which carbon emissions can be reduced, but there are other areas of a business where the Carbon Footprint can be reduced. Peace Marsh provide a business wide Carbon Footprint review service, covering all aspects of your companies operation. This can be an initial analysis for an internal audit or an in-depth study to help achieve ISO14001, depending on the your requirements. 

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